" We went to an event this week for OSU freshman and their families and Dana was asked by almost wveryone there what made her choose Ohio State. I had to reach out to you because I truly believe that if it wasn’t for you Ohio State would never have been on her radar. I remember the summer night you sat with her and showed her the video and from that night on she thought she found her school. As it gets closer and closer to her leaving for school she seems more excited. I of course get more anxious but that’s what mom’s do. I just wanted to thank you again . I really think you are so good at what you do and I hope you feel really good about what a difference you make not just for the kids you work with but also for their families.


"Without you, I would have no idea where I would be today. You have done so much for me these past four years, and I feel guilty that the only words to express my gratitude are Thank you! Thank you for helping me pick my classes, advocating for me, making to-do lists, reading and editing my essays and supplements, and thank you for being there every step of the way. Without you, I wouldn't be where I am today, ready to kick butt at the College of Engineering at University of Michigan. I'm so excited for next year and I have you to thank for it! Go Blue!"

(Senior in HS)

"Thank you so much Howie for all the help you've given me over the past year. You were a godsend for my family and me; I had no idea whatto do after junior year when my district gave me failing grades because I hadbeen having environmental allergy issues in the school. I had the College Boardscores to back up my application, but my GPA was completely ruined. You guidedus all through a very trying time, helping me find the right colleges to applyto and reading and re-reading all my essays. I ended up applying to 18 schoolsbecause of what happened, but you read all my essays all the same. In the end,I was accepted to Haverford College (and others),which I had no idea existed until you told me. Haverford is the perfect fit forme in many ways, and I am so grateful for your help. I would recommend you toanyone in need of a counselor not just because of your professional skills,which are top-notch, but also because of your incredible kindness as a person."

12th Grade Student

"Thank you so much for everything Howie. Sam could NEVER have pulled this off without you. GW is 100% the right school both academically and socially for him and I am so relieved that it worked out. He never would have survived in a big football/frat environment. I see that he joined a facebook group of GW class of 2013. The subgroup was “How awesome will it be to be a senior at GW in DC in 2016 during the election?”. This tells me right away that these are like minded kids and that he’ll have wonderful opportunities. I really have you to thank for all of it!"

(parent of a senior)

“Thank you so much for all your help these past two years, especially this year. I don’t know what I would have done without your “guidance”. You have helped me choose outstanding academic courses, have helped me through the college process and helped get me into a college I never thought I could get into. You even helped me get a summer job! Thank you for everything you did.” (12th grade student)

“Well, senior year is finally over and I couldn’t have survived without your guidance. Thanks for always being there. (12th grade student)

Thank you for your patience and help in this often confusing college application process. You helped our son get into his first choice school and you were exactly what our family needed. You were always there to answer our questions and helped reduce the stress in our home. Thankyou.” (parent of a senior)

Thank you! You made it all so much less stressful.(parent of a senior)

Thank you for being so patient with me. I know I had a thousand questions for you. You made things so much better for me. I’m so excited about my future and I owe a lot of that to you.” (12th grade student)

"I want to thank you for all of your help during my college application process. You have been incredibly supportive to me over the last four years, from all of the agonizing over my course selections to advice on everything related to school and college. I know I ask you thousands of questions, but you always have the right answer. You somehow even knew which college I would fall in love with. I'm so happy you suggested Vanderbilt, and I'm even happier that it all worked out! I so appreciate you reviewing my common application and my essays. Working with you has been a great experience for me and I'm so thankful for all your efforts and time you have spent with me." (12th grade student)

"After our last meeting with you, Shirley and I gained more confidence and comfort in this hectic college application process. You gave Shirley encourgement that she needed and gave me security that I needed as this is my first time through the college application process. I am so thankful that you are working with her." (parent of a junior)

"We just received the most amazing news - and we are all so thrilled. Jenna could not wait to tell you today. Thanks so much for all your help in this process. You found the school that Jenna loved the most! Both my husband and I feel that she was very lucky to have you as an advisor. You have been very supportive, patient and kind during these past years. We all appreciate the time and effort you have spent on her behalf." (parent of a senior)

"Howie was very professional and responsible. You have helped us a lot. We can not simply find the words to express our appreciation. (parent of senior)

"First of all, I cant thank you enough for everything that you have done for me these past four years. You realy helped me get through some challenging times and were always encroughaging and optimistic. I just hope I can find another mentor like you during college. (12th grade senior)

"I remember the first day I met you as a freshman, which does not seem like too long ago. Thank you so much for all of your guidance throughout the years and especially this past year with helping me with my applications. I'll definitely keep in tough and let you know how I like Tulane. I'm very excited!" (12th grade senior)

"Thank you for helping Michael with his college applications. Both he and I valued the time you spent with us throughout the college process. Also, I was grateful I could speak with you at a moment's notice" (parent of senior)

"Combining his extensive experience and knowledge of the current issues, Howie gained our daughter’s trust from their first meeting. We knew we had a winner! His gentle but firm guidance kept our daughter on track while his philosophy and style was in line with our own: She would have to set her goals and work hard to meet them. Now, as the acceptance letters have started to arrive, Howie’s phone number is often the first she calls!" (parent of senior)