About College Connections

Howard Tiell has helped hundreds of students to successful and happy college destinations. Howard is a certified school counselor who has worked in prestigious school districts in Plainview-Old Bethpage, NY and Northern Valley Regional High School in Demarest, NJ. Howard routinely travels the country visiting colleges and meeting college admissions representatives and getting access to the latest information on admissions and programs. Howard holds a Bachelor of Science in Education, Master of Science in School Counseling and a Professional Degree in School Administration. He is a member of the American School Counseling Association, New Jersey School Counseling Association and the Bergen County Professional Counselors Association.

Howard knows the emotional and personal issues that often become entwined with the college admissions process. He has helped families maintain healthy communication and reduce the stress and anxiety that too often becomes part of this process.

Why Choose College-Connections?

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, then contact College-Connections for some help and peace of mind.
  • Is the thought of the college admissions process just plain overwhelming?
  • Is your child unsure about college, or what major to choose?
  • Do you require more time and attention than your high school counselor is able to give?
  • Are you concerned about spending money on a college, only to have your child be unhappy or drop out? Is he or she seeming to pick a college at random or based on what his or her friends are doing?
  • Do you find it difficult to communicate with your child about this process?
  • Does your child have a learning disability, ADHD, or Asperger’s , and you are unsure how to proceed?
  • Are you unsure how you will help your son or daughter find the college or career that is right for him or her?
  • Is your child unmotivated? Would you like him or her to take charge of the process, but don’t know how to get him or her to do anything?
  • Is your child having trouble writing their application essay?
  • Do you find the college admissions process confusing or overly complicated?
  • Are you thinking about alternative options to college and don’t know where to begin?
Our goal is to make your path to college less stressful. By meeting with students in their own homes, and maintaining frequent email and telephone contact, we guide students through the entire process, as well as answer any questions that students and parents have along the way.

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