College Connections: Guiding Students and Families through the College Planning and Application Process

Find colleges that are the best match for your personality, needs, and interests, and prepare for the competitive world of college admissions.

College Connections provides all High School students and their families expert guidance and college admissions consulting services. We help each student with an in-depth knowledge of college programs, the admissions process and help maintain healthy communication between students and their parents. Applying to college can be overwhelming, but the focus of College Connections is to make the process exciting and fun. The main goal is to find the college that is the right "fit" so students have a successful and rewarding post-secondary experience.

How does this happen? College Connections offers several services to benefit students and their families that range from a one-time consultation to generate a college list to a full package that includes assistance with every aspect of the college admissions process. We work closely with students and their families to make sure deadlines are met, goals are set and achieved, and that eventually they are happy with and excited about the college they choose to attend.

Why should you hire a college advisor?

This is an often-asked question by many parents who are satisfied with the counseling services offered by their local high school. However, while many high school guidance counselors offer a wide range of experience and knowledge, most counselors have large caseloads that prevent them from spending much time with each student. The college process is lengthy and in-depth, and requires more than one appointment. An independent college admissions consultant is more accessible and is able to provide the personal attention and hands-on assistance that most students and their families will need.

The college process requires a lot of time, personal reflection, and effort from the student. Finding colleges that are the right fit is a daunting task that a college admissions consultant can make much easier and less stressful. College-Connections works with each family to help narrow choices and provide an objective viewpoint. An informed college admissions consultant can also provide up-to-date information to ensure students make successful choices during the college admissions process.

Finally, our focus is also on decreasing the stress level usually experienced during this time and to make the process fun and productive. We are available evenings, weekends and summers